Live video stream of our foster cats | The Happy Beast

Live Video Stream of Our Foster Cats!

If you’ve been by the store recently, you know that we’re fostering cats from Almost Home Adoption for Rescued Cats. You can read our blog to learn more about Teo, Dottie and the rest of the kitty crew, but now you can watch them too via our live video stream!

If you’re looking for a kitty fix (and Loki too) now you can tune-in to the live video stream from The Happy Beast, which we’re broadcasting using a super-cool Petcube video camera, which even includes audio and a little laser for interactive play. Just download the Petcube app on your mobile device and send us a friend request.

You can also watch cats and dogs from a variety of animal shelters and rescues from around the country. It’s all part of the Petcube for Shelters program that helps shelters discover new ways to adopt more pets, collect donations, and engage with the local community.

Enjoy the Petcube feed from anywhere or stop by the store to check it out in person. And if you’re looking to purchase a Petcube, give us a holler and we’ll hook you up with a discount code.