Let’s Do Some Cat Wrangling! Our Review of GPS Pet Trackers for Cats

This post is definitely a work-in-progress, kind of like our efforts to keep tabs on Fax, our eight-year old, 20-pound tabby cat who fancies himself king of the neighborhood. Fax has been known to walk in our neighbors’ garages, backyards, and cars so we thought it would be good to see more of what he was up to.

Whistle is our latest attempt at keeping tabs on Fax. We’ll let you know how it goes, but they get tons of great reviews for dogs. Cats can be a little trickier and Whistle’s helpful customer service rep advised us to just use our own cat collar rather than buy one of the small dog sizes they have available online.

If you ‘re looking for a deal, you can save $20 on the Whistle GO by clicking on our banner.

Or if you’re looking for even more bells and whistles (excuse the pun!), you should check out the Whistle GO Explore Ultimate Pet Health and Location Tracker, which includes a built-in light.