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Healthy Teeth & Good Breath (without brushing your dog’s teeth)

It’s pet dental health month and I really don’t want to brush my dog’s teeth. Now, I’m crazy about my dog’s health. I know maintaining a healthy oral system is SUPER important in preventing disease and it’s also important (to me) that Pi doesn’t wake me up with dog breath! BUT brushing her teeth every day just isn’t going to happen. Fortunately, there are simple, natural ways to clean your dog’s teeth and keep her breath fresh. And all without brushing.

Raw Bones

Raw bones are AMAZING for dental health. They’re what keep animals’ teeth so healthy in the wild without brushing! Tearing at connective tissues and meat cleans between the teeth while grinding on the bone scales off tartar. Chomping down on more delicate bones like chicken wings, necks, and lamb bones scrubs the surfaces of the teeth.

RAW bones are generally safe, while cooked bones should be avoided as they may splinter. Stop in The Happy Beast, and we can help you choose bones that are safe and effective for YOUR dog.

My dog gets a recreational femur bone (from Primal) a few times a week and I replace her normal meal with a piece of raw bone-in chicken every other night.

Bully sticks, tendons and other chews also stimulate the gums, work the jaw muscles and promote overall health.

Daily Dental Treats

Dogs love treats, so choose ones that provide health benefits!

We used DentaTreat with our little chihuahua-mix when she had cancer and lost interest in chewing on bones. After sprinkling it on her food for a few weeks, the tartar started sliding off her teeth.

“Composed of dental-active natural cheeses, minerals, apple polyphenols , and many other ingredients that help to maintain oral health, DentaTreat™ is a cat and dog supplement that can be sprinkled directly onto food, or it can also be used with a toothbrush as a tooth cleaning powder.” (

InClover’s Grin treats are another easy and tasty way to support oral health. Chlorophyll, green tea extracts and prebiotics support a healthy mouth and stomach, fighting bacteria to improve your dog’s breath!

Enzymatic Oral Sprays and Gels (PetzLife)

These are ideal for dogs and cats who already have plaque buildup on their teeth. Grape seed and grapefruit extracts help reduce inflammation and disease while neem, peppermint and thyme oils fight bacteria and pathogens that cause gingivitis and bad breath. Just spray or rub on your dog’s gum line.

More Fresh Foods, Less Kibble

Kibble shatters on first crunch and is immediately swallowed. This allows inadequate time for any mechanical cleaning that might occur if chewed thoroughly. Crunching kibble cleans your dogs teeth only as well as chewing crackers cleans ours!  Read more here:

Adding a fresher form of food to your dog or cat’s kibble will provide plaque fighting enzymes for their system and support healthier gums and teeth.


It’s important to note that genetics play a big role in dental wellness. In The Nature of Animal Healing (borrow it from our store or buy it online) holistic vet, Dr. Martin Goldstein, DVM explains that generations of breeding “to hunt or show better or simply to look cuter” has “distorted the natural shape of their jaws.” Some dogs, especially small and toy breeds, will require more attention. Have your vet check your dog’s teeth at his routine exam. If tartar or disease have already set in, a dental cleaning may be in order. Even if your dog is very susceptible to periodontal disease, you can space out his cleanings by providing daily care with the right bones, chews, diet and treats!

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  1. Guy Gardener
    Guy Gardener says:

    You give your dog raw chicken every other night? Man, talk about a spoiled pooch. That was sarcasm, it’s a great idea to do that, and makes it so you don’t have to brush the teeth! I wonder if there is a way we could so something similar.

    • Tom Shrill
      Tom Shrill says:

      This is indeed a great thing for dogs. I doubt we would be able to have something similar for humans nowadays. The way we clean our teeth has been researched and developed over many years to be specific for us.

  2. Haley Hayes
    Haley Hayes says:

    This is amazing I just got a new dog but man did his breath smell
    These tips have now allowed my dog to sleep in my room now because if he was in here for 5 sec the room would instantly reck
    So thank you so much
    By by

  3. Jasper Whiteside
    Jasper Whiteside says:

    I have heard a lot about bones and which ones dogs can chew on. I had heard that chicken bones were typically dangerous. It is good to see here that raw bones are what are good for a dogs teeth. Perhaps a good vet can suggest a good dental chew. It sure is easier than brushing their teeth yourself.

  4. Pete
    Pete says:

    I’ve read a lot about how to maintain your dog’s oral health. Various methods to maintain oral health include sprays, special toys, “chews,” and diet. Because canine dental health is of such extreme importance, I incorporate a routine of brushing teeth into my dog’s routine.

    Dog teeth tartar and plaque removal is best accomplished by mechanical means and that involves regular teeth brushing. I admit that this may be difficult and time consuming, especially if your pet is not accustomed to having his teeth brushed. Dental treats may be effective for some dogs but this is not effective for mine. Once I invested a bit of time to brush my dog’s teeth his breath and overall health improved.

  5. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I have a little dog and she is losing her teeth because of dental problems. She thinks she is a camel she hardly drinks water at all. She can’t eat bones it hurts her mouth but her breath is so bad you can’t stand her to close to you. It really hurts me cuz she is the sweetest dog and loves baby’s. What can I do

  6. Rodrick
    Rodrick says:

    Lovely piece of article. Finding out more each day from this site.
    These dental care updates are truly valuable to my loved ones.

    You know attempting to establish those great dental behaviors for
    my children.

  7. Sally
    Sally says:

    Does the spray really work? My little doxy has bad breath and licks herself aloft. She’s even eaten others pooh! I give her chews and a groomer cleaned her up a bit. I can’t afford $370 to have her put to sleep and have them scraped. I love her so!

  8. gateio
    gateio says:

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